Vissco Astra Under Arm Crutches Aluminum / pair

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Made from lightweight high-grade aluminum, the rubber foam grips and plastic parts are designed to give more comfort to the user while walking. Astra is designed for the user to enjoy limitless mobility

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Getting from Point A to Point B may not be as easy for everyone. For those that have suffered from a stroke, post lower limb surgery, cerebral palsy, a lower limb fracture or any peripheral nerve disorder, walking again, is an exciting but challenging task. The Medipedic Prime Walking Plain provides a larger base of support facilitating balancing while walking. This walker gives the user extra support when walking or standing as it offers far more stability than a standard walking stick. It provides four additional points of contact and a stable centre for gravity positioning.

Benefits Of Use
  • Provides larger base of support
  • Helps facilitate balance and stability while walking
  • Space saving, rigid support
  • Universal Fit
  • PVC grip. Moulded axillary pad for better comfort and cushioning
  • Suction PVC bush fir better grip on any surface
  • Height adjustment with push button mechanism
Brand and SKU Vissco
Manufacturer Vissco
Country of Origin India
Return Policy Non-Returnable


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